Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Examining my system

Ok, so this linode setup is pretty neat. The whole thing is based on UML, so several "hosts" run on one box. You essentially get your own computer coexisting with others on the same hardware. They have multiple distributions to install, etc. Installing and formatting the disk are done with their web interface. Once installed though, you have your own box esssentially. You can even ssh into the box your host is running on, and get console access!

So far a great experience...

Control freak

Ok, so modified it a bit. Dates appear below posts, with categories. This bugs me less. :-)

Playing with the blog

I like this theme.

Meanwhile, this is getting to be a very small Debian installation. 134 packages installed, 197 MiB used. And still it could get better.

Another day

Ok, so a little backstory... My friend WS has an excellent job as network architect/engineer for some web hosting company. He set himself up a little private box on their network, and that was hosting jgarrett.org. The purpose of my little vanity address itself is questionable, but I'd like to think of it at least as giving itself to a stable e-mail and web server. Turns out that the e-mail went down on that machine about a month ago, and I was completely unaware. I'm not so fond of e-mail. :-)

The reason for the failure was a rather questionable apt-get upgrade, shortly after Debian 3.1 was released. Anyways, this gave me the incentive to relocate. This way, (a) I'm not mooching off of WS' bandwidth, (b) he was going to need to move that machine sometime anyways, leading to trouble, and (c) I can task the machine exactly right. :-)

Linode.com was what I settled on. Seems like a great little UML based virtual hosting place. Anyways, right now I'm in the process of getting everything set up the way I like, and batting down the hatches as it were.

In more personal news, you may or may not know that my brother intends to become a fireman. He is taking some classes to this effect. Anyways a week ago, his equipment worth nearly $1500 was stolen out of his truck. The real downside more than anything else it seemed, was that this would put him very far behind in his class. See, he originally ordered the coat specially, to get the sleeve length right, and it took 2 weeks to get the coat in. Fortunately though, this time he had no problems at all. He has already got his equipment replaced and only had to make up about 30 minutes worth of instruction.

Yay for that!