Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Thinking about taking the leap to btrfs... Here are some bonnie++ numbers for ext3 & btrfs filesystems mounted via loopback, as well as the raw underlying filesystem (ext3):

                              ext3  btrfs    raw
Sequential Output (Char) 491 309 790
Sequential Output (Block) 78512 50047 58462
Sequential Output (Rewrite) 28843 32065 31820
Sequential Input (Char) 2200 3887 2725
Sequential Input (Block) 70306 79169 78204
Random Seeks 156 114 175

Nothing too interesting, but it looks like sequential input performed well. Sequential output didn't (but the ext3/loopback did much better than ext3/raw, so maybe it's just noise?).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Liquid cooled goodness...?

So I decided to play around with this liquid cooling idea... I have a small case though, so I went with the Exos-v2 external radiator/fan/pump combo.

My Core i7 used to boot at ~35C and then quickly be in the 35-40C and then shortly after boot it would be very stable at 40-45C. As far as I know, I didn't see it exceed 60C under load... But I'm not sure if I was looking when I really exercised it.

Now with this liquid cooled thingamajig, it stays below 40C at idle which is nice, but under load it can easily get above 60C and I can push it to just above 70C.

Unfortunately I didn't record good data before installing the cooling.

So what gives? Am I imagining things or is this too hot?