Thursday, June 5, 2003

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So tomorrow is the last class day of the quarter. Mohammed and I have a deal: I bring a Jack Daniels bottle to class (containing whatever I like) and drink from it, and Mohammed shaves his head and beard. Sounds like I've got the easy end of the deal. I don't know if there will be alcohol, I don't have that much left. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the quarter is coming to the end. I've got to write up all the homework I neglected to previously, and generally I'm screwed. I wonder if I'll pass or not. And then I get to make up the P* in geometry, and there's a move coming up, and of course finals...

And all we seem to do lately is play bridge. Every time there's 4 people. And Robert always is frustrated when he's my partner. I think I might eventually drive him to suicide. His suicide note will read "4 clubs ?!?!".

Oooh, and I've got to pick an advisor soon. And tomorrow is my last chance to get Kate to skip class. And Karen and I never bowled again this quarter despite us both wanting to at the beginning. And Mike G and I and Boris and the like never went out to the city and found ethnic food and such... This quarter has been hectic.

But all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon, all will be over soon...

Sunday, May 18, 2003

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Como estas?

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

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A recent post of rjyoung's got me thinking, and even though it is really a response, I prefer to post it here rather than there (partly because it is long, partly because of my dearth of posts)... My visit to Chicago was exactly a year ago. It was rather uneventful. I didn't contact too many people about it, so I didn't get taken out or such things. I talked to a few people, and they were nice, but this was the only place I was considering, and I probably would've come here no matter what. I am glad I came here though.

The classes have been ok, but that's not the point as far as I'm concerned. The material in the first year is all classical enough to be found in books, and although classes/professors offer insights and intuition and examples that are harder to find purely by reading, one could get by. As Robert mentioned, the first year forms social bonds, through the workload, and the common location, and perhaps the fact that all the first years are excellent people. I love Karen's statement to one of the prospectives, that we are all like an old married couple. It's amusing but true... The people are wonderful. And I think we did well advertising the place. My perception was, that for most prospectives, the more we hung out with them, the more they seemed to enjoy themselves, and the better disposed they became to this place. Perhaps this was a bit of projection, as I enjoyed it, but I still think it's true. And my reason for thinking it is true, is again the people are fun to hang out with...

It also occurred to me that in a way, the social atmosphere is artificial in a way, in much the same way grade/high school is. One spends so much time together in a small setting. There is no effort required to contact people. I hardly ever talk on the phone, and there is no need; I see most of the people I'd like to see almost daily... But then I like getting phone calls, so perhaps I should call people. Much the same way that getting a letter is always fun, but no one writes letters these days...

Monday, April 7, 2003

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I feel trusted. I feel loved. Everything is copacetic because it is.

And in response to some friends' posts: snow is great, I agree that Robert is hilarious, and I'm glad that Matt is liking Hartshorne (I think H's exposition is wonderful).

Saturday, March 15, 2003

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Everything is copacetic because I declare it to be so.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I'm bored so I'll ramble...

I need to see a good movie. One that I haven't seen before. I had an idea a long time ago to visit one of the Landmark Theatres in Chicago. However, that requires an investment of time and effort. Seems like that's in short supply.

In a similar vein, I may have enjoyed the ice-skating event tonight. However it seemed like it'd be cold and I was a bit out of it. On the way home I ran into Anne and Keith. Anne and Dani will be around for spring break, as will I. Possibly others will as well. We will have to do something.

I changed my fiction to Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House. I can finally see whence Elizabeth got her name. It should be (slightly) more cheery than my previous choice of the Death of Ivan Ilych which I am currently abandoning. That book could well have contributed to that Black Thursday I had earlier this quarter. I didn't feel like coming in, but I did, because a day is not the same without seeing all my first year friends. And I started to read DOII, but II had died and his friends didn't care. They thought about their obligations and what they would have to do. I mean the death seemed to be beginning to have its effect at the point I got to, but the (realistic) phase where it wasn't quite real yet, was depressing. Anyways, I'm sure if I continued in DOII, it at least wouldn't continue to be depressing for that reason. Tolstoy always seems to convey a realistic human feeling... On a similar weird/related note, for some weird reason, I find the "On Star" radio commercials moving...

Oh, and I should probably ramble about math for a bit. I am supposed to be doing that 16 hours a day. It's boring. I do it all the time, and I get only a bit of it ever written up, and so on and so on. I always feel weird writing these things, because people will read them, and it seems like my entries seem depressing, but it's just a perpetual state of ennui.

One thing however which is nice, and happy and so on is my friends. Yay. We've celebrated two birthdays (each twice :)) in the past two weeks... The most memorable part about the dinner sunday aside from overdoing it with the green habanero sauce, was a weird conversation about porn. And Deepam &c. picked on me a bit. That was less pleasant. But I had a good time I guess. I liked the Georgian food better than the Mexican, but such is the state of things. This is probably unintelligible to most people (i.e. those who weren't there)...

Mike was/is considering another place. And that gives me occassion to think of the program if it were less social. I don't think it'd be bearable ...

Anyways, the cycle goes on, the phoenix dies and rises alive again to live another 500 years...

Tuesday, March 4, 2003


Snow is supposed to accumulate today. How wonderful, it has already done so more than in the past this winter. It is beautiful, sparkly, powdery, white, snow. People say the novelty of this will wear off, but I'm not so sure. It seems magical every time. Today will be an excellent day. Beautiful snow.

Just so it doesn't seem like I'm turning into a weatherman, I should add more... but it seems that the number of things which I would like to mention which I cannot in this venue has grown of late. I understand ever more why sugardickdaddy opted for a real journal. I've contented myself to writing random thoughts on pieces of scratch paper rather than maintaining a separate real-life type outlet. It also occurs to me my recent posts have been so infrequent, I doubt anyone reads this anymore aside from those few who have livejournals themselves.

As for school, I feel unfulfilled lately. Everyone's always busy and with the same old stuff. All people talk about is math. Granted I don't always have great other things to talk about but...

C'est la vie.

Anyways, beautiful happy snow. Who could ask for anything more?

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Beautiful beautiful snow

I walked home about an hour ago. Late night and all with some of the analysis and such things. But it was snowing. The snow sparkled on the ground, as if it were glittered with bits of shiny silvery glitter. I can tell this will be a wonderful day.

And regarding my last entry, it wasn't so bad. Apparently only 2 first yrs attended the party. Rob says I was missed at happy hour. But a lot of my favorite people showed up at the office this weekend.

All is copacetic.

Friday, February 21, 2003

In contrast...

This week was less eventful. Since my last entry, I did get my hair cut, we had the presentation, which went very poorly for me. We followed with a pub outing, which was definitely fun. Then everyone scurried about preparing for the algebra midterm Thursday which was worse than anyone's worst nightmare. After that we then sat through a little lecture thing, a lot of us ate dinner together at Hutch, and then 4 of us stayed at the office all night doing homework and playing worms. Interestingly enough, Karen and Anne stayed at the office late that day. It was noted later that if you put Anne and Karen together you have Anna Karenina... That was my favorite book in high school, even though I only got halfway through. Anyways, it was fun staying at the office, but I was too tired and thus went home and slept and missed happy hour and Haris' party, as well as whatever fun transpired in the office and class before that. For that reason, I feel sad. Anyways, I woke up recently, and I'll head to the office in a few hours and spend most of Saturday there. If other happy people show up, it will redeem the day.

In short it seems as if this week didn't even happen.

Friday, February 14, 2003

A week in the life of...

It seems to have been forever since I've posted, so a synopsis of the days past is in order.

Tuesday, where I last left off, Karen and I bowled. It was quite windy when I left (after playing in the snow). She had just cut her hair, it looked cute. All was fun. I managed to get a 142 on one game, good, but not my personal high score which is ... (drumroll) 187. I looked it up to be sure; I still have the score sheet in a box in my closet, along with other various trivia, such as my university diploma. I bowled most of the time that I have bowled during my senior year in college or so, against a fellow math major mostly. I had forgotten one irksome quality of the game when played with two players: it makes conversation more difficult than usual. I think therefore the post-bowling conversation was more fun, even if it may have been just idle chatter.

Wednesday, I went to the Blackhawks vs. Maple Leafs game with Elizabeth, Bert, Barbara, and Kevin. The Leafs won 3-1, and all goals were scored in the first 8 minutes. It was quite fun. There was a child behind us yelling things one wouldn't expect a child to yell, which gave us a laugh. I noticed that Elizabeth and Barbara both seem to be worriers, and Elizabeth was not pleased with this observation. Not that worrying is necessarily a bad trait. As she will surely not like that I mentioned it here, I should mention something rather good about Elizabeth to balance out the universe. I noticed a week or two ago, at happy hour I think, a weird sort of comfort around Elizabeth. It was as if we were old friends.

Thursday was a generally miserable day, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I woke up and did not feel like getting out of bed, or at least not going to the office. But my cadre of friends awaits at the office, so of course I go. But the day did not get better. I ate lunch solely because I knew I needed food, not because I felt like it. Near the end of the day I got a short nap and felt better afterward, but for most of the day I was without smile.

Friday was an excellent day likewise for no reason whatsoever. I woke up early, 5:30am or so, listened to NPR until it turned to the war-mongering and switched to the classical music station. I left for the office early, picked up a copy of the NY Times at the newsstand I pass daily, and had a very cheerful day. At happy hour, Anne was very happy and it was nice to see her happy. I, Kate, Anne and Erin managed to get through happy hour without talking about math or other equally boring stuff as the rest of the table did... Bert and Elizabeth were conspicuously absent, as Elizabeth's father is now in town. This should cheer her up quite a bit.

Tomorrow, we are meeting to discuss our presentation on Monday. I think I should also attempt to get my hair cut.

This is long enough for now.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003


Got to hang out with Karen today. We went bowling.

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Sunday, February 9, 2003

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People rearranged the office furniture to block the doors. The second years are evidently pissed off at us. Very annoying.

Also, Karen did not want to bowl.

(no subject)

I had an excellent time yesterday. I came into the office and I got some work done, with Karen and Anne. Then we went to see "Bowling for Columbine". Very good movie, although its effects were greater than I imagined. Led to some tense moments at the pub (where we went after the movie).

Anyways, I probably can't make it to the office til 2pm unfortunately today, but I will be in.

Saturday, February 8, 2003

(no subject)

After reading pessimysticism's recent entry, I think I should read some Calvino... or any fiction really. I noticed a conspicuous absence, that of Tolstoy, in his entry....

Anyways, last night bowling was fun. (Unfortunately) a lot of people left after the first game. But me and my peeps played a rousing second game. I got two strikes in a row and as I went up to make my next shot, the lane broke. We waited and it got fixed, and I of course did not get a third strike, and then it broke right after my shot, we waited some more and changed lanes and so on... In the end, we had fun (modulo a little waiting) and got bowling for free (modulo the shoe fees). Everyone owes Mr. G $2 or about.

Tonight we shall go see "Bowling for Columbine", a theme weekend if you will.

Meanwhile, I think I shall visit the office soon (noonish?) see if anyone's there, and maybe read a little fiction...

Tuesday, February 4, 2003


no really. proving all this analysis stuff related to poisson summation is kinda fun. still got to see if i can talk about riemann roch without introducing adeles...

if K is a function field over a finite field, A_K is a locally compact group, and K embeds in it, and A_K/K's dual is naturally isomorphic to K, so it's just like usual fourier stuff with Z and R/Z^ = Z ...


anyways, working on this, riemann roch is basically poisson summation over K and A_K/K^ with a (translation) twist... and then interpreted geometrically... and i want to talk about this, and it should be fun

Saturday, February 1, 2003

(no subject)

Watched Patton today and did laundry. And a bit of math. Talked a little algebraic geometry online. Very anxious to get back into my fun math.

Yesterday was happy hour, fun as usual. Karen chose our table over the competing other half of the class. I was not feeling so happy; I think I subconsciously presciently knew about the impending shuttle disaster. Now I'm all better though.

Thursday, January 30, 2003


I came in early as people requested, and stayed late. 10 am - 3 am. Helped people with algebra, which was fun and nice... Other people weren't doing so well (however other people didn't skip the earlier hw's this week)...

rjyoung was a bit grumpy. pessimysticism was a bit frustrated.

sugardickdaddy had his father visit on a business trip, must've been fun.

Karen enjoyed last night, which is good... And we all enjoyed her presence.

Switching gears, I worry that I was a bit too smug today. I was trying to be helpful, but with all the "this is easy" statements, I may have been and/or appeared so at times.

(no subject)

had an excellent time at the pub. Now I gotta go help people early cuz I said I would. I'm probably still a little ...

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

day off

I pretty much took a day off today as far as what I'm supposed to do goes... And we're going out to the pub (not our usual one either), to get drunk, should be fun.

Meanwhile, c'est la vie.

Sunday, January 26, 2003


Another day, and very little analysis done. Maybe an all-nighter is in store. Or a pitiful result upon grading.

Meanwhile we razed Andy's eye-sore of a bookshelf. The puzzle at the office is still in its box wrapped in plastic, and I have yet to put up the dart board. (Tomorrow, Tuesday, ?)

Bert wore his blue scarf today. N.E. offered a kick to the shin for repeatedly calling her 'Nora Elizabeth'. And in a completely unexpected move, Bert named his 8th worm "Norbert". Awesome.

I wonder when the next pub outing will be. I could use one.

The paper I couldn't find the other day was my list of books. I found it. And I typed it up. Turns out I have 47 math books.

Oh, and Matt and Mike Geline and I gossiped about Bert and N.E. for hours after they left, all on Bert's desk.

Got an excellent grenade shot in Worms today.


Saturday, January 25, 2003

I need better reading material

"Four males die by suicide for every female, but at least twice as many women as men attempt suicide." (from The Neuroscience of Suicide in Scientific American)...

So it would appear that men are once again better at getting things done ;).

On that topic, got very little done today... And I ripped my jeans big time. So one less pair of 'longjohn-compatible' jeans as Nora Elizabeth says. Nora Elizabeth doesn't like us calling her that. I would have a poll as to what people prefer, 'Nora' or 'Elizabeth', but only paid users can do that. Maybe we'll get rjyoung to. I think Nora is an excellent name, and from an Ibsen play, how awesome. She must have childhood issues like the ones that prevent Kate from playing foursquare. At least it's 'Elizabeth' with a 'z', choosing 'Elisabeth' over 'Nora' would simply be unconscionable. (and who knew unconscionable was spelt with an 'o').

Meanwhile, did not visit the office today, so no Bert watch, keep watching for tomorrow's exciting edition.

Oh, and also I can't find a piece of paper that I wanted to find. A few weeks ago a pipe burst or something, water in the living room, and moved a lot of stuff. Anyways, I thought I had this piece of paper somewhere, and can no longer find it. Pipe was fixed in plenty of time for the folks' visit.

Overall a lackluster day. No o's in lackluster, finally something to be thankful for.


I sleep too much. We are supposed to work 16 hours a day, so I need to cut back on the sleep. Meanwhile, I should be working now...

Friday, January 24, 2003

another day, another day

Not terribly much accomplished today. I chose sleep over algebraic stacks last night, and almost overslept algebra... Lots of analysis, pessimysticism still uses the timer method in the office.

Too much to do: analysis homework for monday, geometry for wednesday, and another algebra for next friday, as well as sites/sheaves, algebraic stacks, and unbounded resolutions, and my own analysis and algebra and geometry reading... when will it end? I love this place.

Nora Elizabeth is watching tennis tonight. I remember the days when I watched tennis, or played a little, what fun.

*** Bert watch 1/24 *** : Bert was wearing his orange scarf today. And his Jeff-sweater, but his hair was all amess because of the hat, which apparently he puts on while his hair is wet. This causes Nora Elizabeth no end of annoyance. She also doesn't like the scarf, but it's a very nice scarf, and it netted Bert some pretzels, so he should wear it more often.

Meanwhile my Bert-sweater has been in my office drawer for a while, I shall take it home for suitable washing and reinsertion into wardrobe rotation.

Happy hour, yeah.

Analysis, nay.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


fun day


Easy algebra this week, I've already got it done. I'll be able to get sleep. I even have part of Monday's analysis done maybe. Kate and I worked on the algebra and part of the analysis. I'm trying to steal Kate away from 'Mohammed's people'. She will soon be known as one of Jeff's people, muahahaha. Speaking of which, haven't yet tried to get Kate to skip class, need to do that soon, there's $1 riding on it.

Now sleep, or champs algebriques? oh, and spastelstein's (that's probably horribly misspelled) proof of quasi-injective resolutions for unbounded complexes of sheaves, leaves a bit to be desired...

Time, who needs time

So, Robert hooked me up with another outlet with which to use up all my free time...