Tuesday, March 4, 2003


Snow is supposed to accumulate today. How wonderful, it has already done so more than in the past this winter. It is beautiful, sparkly, powdery, white, snow. People say the novelty of this will wear off, but I'm not so sure. It seems magical every time. Today will be an excellent day. Beautiful snow.

Just so it doesn't seem like I'm turning into a weatherman, I should add more... but it seems that the number of things which I would like to mention which I cannot in this venue has grown of late. I understand ever more why sugardickdaddy opted for a real journal. I've contented myself to writing random thoughts on pieces of scratch paper rather than maintaining a separate real-life type outlet. It also occurs to me my recent posts have been so infrequent, I doubt anyone reads this anymore aside from those few who have livejournals themselves.

As for school, I feel unfulfilled lately. Everyone's always busy and with the same old stuff. All people talk about is math. Granted I don't always have great other things to talk about but...

C'est la vie.

Anyways, beautiful happy snow. Who could ask for anything more?