Thursday, January 30, 2003


I came in early as people requested, and stayed late. 10 am - 3 am. Helped people with algebra, which was fun and nice... Other people weren't doing so well (however other people didn't skip the earlier hw's this week)...

rjyoung was a bit grumpy. pessimysticism was a bit frustrated.

sugardickdaddy had his father visit on a business trip, must've been fun.

Karen enjoyed last night, which is good... And we all enjoyed her presence.

Switching gears, I worry that I was a bit too smug today. I was trying to be helpful, but with all the "this is easy" statements, I may have been and/or appeared so at times.

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had an excellent time at the pub. Now I gotta go help people early cuz I said I would. I'm probably still a little ...

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

day off

I pretty much took a day off today as far as what I'm supposed to do goes... And we're going out to the pub (not our usual one either), to get drunk, should be fun.

Meanwhile, c'est la vie.

Sunday, January 26, 2003


Another day, and very little analysis done. Maybe an all-nighter is in store. Or a pitiful result upon grading.

Meanwhile we razed Andy's eye-sore of a bookshelf. The puzzle at the office is still in its box wrapped in plastic, and I have yet to put up the dart board. (Tomorrow, Tuesday, ?)

Bert wore his blue scarf today. N.E. offered a kick to the shin for repeatedly calling her 'Nora Elizabeth'. And in a completely unexpected move, Bert named his 8th worm "Norbert". Awesome.

I wonder when the next pub outing will be. I could use one.

The paper I couldn't find the other day was my list of books. I found it. And I typed it up. Turns out I have 47 math books.

Oh, and Matt and Mike Geline and I gossiped about Bert and N.E. for hours after they left, all on Bert's desk.

Got an excellent grenade shot in Worms today.


Saturday, January 25, 2003

I need better reading material

"Four males die by suicide for every female, but at least twice as many women as men attempt suicide." (from The Neuroscience of Suicide in Scientific American)...

So it would appear that men are once again better at getting things done ;).

On that topic, got very little done today... And I ripped my jeans big time. So one less pair of 'longjohn-compatible' jeans as Nora Elizabeth says. Nora Elizabeth doesn't like us calling her that. I would have a poll as to what people prefer, 'Nora' or 'Elizabeth', but only paid users can do that. Maybe we'll get rjyoung to. I think Nora is an excellent name, and from an Ibsen play, how awesome. She must have childhood issues like the ones that prevent Kate from playing foursquare. At least it's 'Elizabeth' with a 'z', choosing 'Elisabeth' over 'Nora' would simply be unconscionable. (and who knew unconscionable was spelt with an 'o').

Meanwhile, did not visit the office today, so no Bert watch, keep watching for tomorrow's exciting edition.

Oh, and also I can't find a piece of paper that I wanted to find. A few weeks ago a pipe burst or something, water in the living room, and moved a lot of stuff. Anyways, I thought I had this piece of paper somewhere, and can no longer find it. Pipe was fixed in plenty of time for the folks' visit.

Overall a lackluster day. No o's in lackluster, finally something to be thankful for.


I sleep too much. We are supposed to work 16 hours a day, so I need to cut back on the sleep. Meanwhile, I should be working now...

Friday, January 24, 2003

another day, another day

Not terribly much accomplished today. I chose sleep over algebraic stacks last night, and almost overslept algebra... Lots of analysis, pessimysticism still uses the timer method in the office.

Too much to do: analysis homework for monday, geometry for wednesday, and another algebra for next friday, as well as sites/sheaves, algebraic stacks, and unbounded resolutions, and my own analysis and algebra and geometry reading... when will it end? I love this place.

Nora Elizabeth is watching tennis tonight. I remember the days when I watched tennis, or played a little, what fun.

*** Bert watch 1/24 *** : Bert was wearing his orange scarf today. And his Jeff-sweater, but his hair was all amess because of the hat, which apparently he puts on while his hair is wet. This causes Nora Elizabeth no end of annoyance. She also doesn't like the scarf, but it's a very nice scarf, and it netted Bert some pretzels, so he should wear it more often.

Meanwhile my Bert-sweater has been in my office drawer for a while, I shall take it home for suitable washing and reinsertion into wardrobe rotation.

Happy hour, yeah.

Analysis, nay.

Thursday, January 23, 2003


fun day


Easy algebra this week, I've already got it done. I'll be able to get sleep. I even have part of Monday's analysis done maybe. Kate and I worked on the algebra and part of the analysis. I'm trying to steal Kate away from 'Mohammed's people'. She will soon be known as one of Jeff's people, muahahaha. Speaking of which, haven't yet tried to get Kate to skip class, need to do that soon, there's $1 riding on it.

Now sleep, or champs algebriques? oh, and spastelstein's (that's probably horribly misspelled) proof of quasi-injective resolutions for unbounded complexes of sheaves, leaves a bit to be desired...

Time, who needs time

So, Robert hooked me up with another outlet with which to use up all my free time...