Friday, January 24, 2003

another day, another day

Not terribly much accomplished today. I chose sleep over algebraic stacks last night, and almost overslept algebra... Lots of analysis, pessimysticism still uses the timer method in the office.

Too much to do: analysis homework for monday, geometry for wednesday, and another algebra for next friday, as well as sites/sheaves, algebraic stacks, and unbounded resolutions, and my own analysis and algebra and geometry reading... when will it end? I love this place.

Nora Elizabeth is watching tennis tonight. I remember the days when I watched tennis, or played a little, what fun.

*** Bert watch 1/24 *** : Bert was wearing his orange scarf today. And his Jeff-sweater, but his hair was all amess because of the hat, which apparently he puts on while his hair is wet. This causes Nora Elizabeth no end of annoyance. She also doesn't like the scarf, but it's a very nice scarf, and it netted Bert some pretzels, so he should wear it more often.

Meanwhile my Bert-sweater has been in my office drawer for a while, I shall take it home for suitable washing and reinsertion into wardrobe rotation.

Happy hour, yeah.

Analysis, nay.