Saturday, January 25, 2003

I need better reading material

"Four males die by suicide for every female, but at least twice as many women as men attempt suicide." (from The Neuroscience of Suicide in Scientific American)...

So it would appear that men are once again better at getting things done ;).

On that topic, got very little done today... And I ripped my jeans big time. So one less pair of 'longjohn-compatible' jeans as Nora Elizabeth says. Nora Elizabeth doesn't like us calling her that. I would have a poll as to what people prefer, 'Nora' or 'Elizabeth', but only paid users can do that. Maybe we'll get rjyoung to. I think Nora is an excellent name, and from an Ibsen play, how awesome. She must have childhood issues like the ones that prevent Kate from playing foursquare. At least it's 'Elizabeth' with a 'z', choosing 'Elisabeth' over 'Nora' would simply be unconscionable. (and who knew unconscionable was spelt with an 'o').

Meanwhile, did not visit the office today, so no Bert watch, keep watching for tomorrow's exciting edition.

Oh, and also I can't find a piece of paper that I wanted to find. A few weeks ago a pipe burst or something, water in the living room, and moved a lot of stuff. Anyways, I thought I had this piece of paper somewhere, and can no longer find it. Pipe was fixed in plenty of time for the folks' visit.

Overall a lackluster day. No o's in lackluster, finally something to be thankful for.