Sunday, January 26, 2003


Another day, and very little analysis done. Maybe an all-nighter is in store. Or a pitiful result upon grading.

Meanwhile we razed Andy's eye-sore of a bookshelf. The puzzle at the office is still in its box wrapped in plastic, and I have yet to put up the dart board. (Tomorrow, Tuesday, ?)

Bert wore his blue scarf today. N.E. offered a kick to the shin for repeatedly calling her 'Nora Elizabeth'. And in a completely unexpected move, Bert named his 8th worm "Norbert". Awesome.

I wonder when the next pub outing will be. I could use one.

The paper I couldn't find the other day was my list of books. I found it. And I typed it up. Turns out I have 47 math books.

Oh, and Matt and Mike Geline and I gossiped about Bert and N.E. for hours after they left, all on Bert's desk.

Got an excellent grenade shot in Worms today.