Friday, February 21, 2003

In contrast...

This week was less eventful. Since my last entry, I did get my hair cut, we had the presentation, which went very poorly for me. We followed with a pub outing, which was definitely fun. Then everyone scurried about preparing for the algebra midterm Thursday which was worse than anyone's worst nightmare. After that we then sat through a little lecture thing, a lot of us ate dinner together at Hutch, and then 4 of us stayed at the office all night doing homework and playing worms. Interestingly enough, Karen and Anne stayed at the office late that day. It was noted later that if you put Anne and Karen together you have Anna Karenina... That was my favorite book in high school, even though I only got halfway through. Anyways, it was fun staying at the office, but I was too tired and thus went home and slept and missed happy hour and Haris' party, as well as whatever fun transpired in the office and class before that. For that reason, I feel sad. Anyways, I woke up recently, and I'll head to the office in a few hours and spend most of Saturday there. If other happy people show up, it will redeem the day.

In short it seems as if this week didn't even happen.