Friday, May 5, 2006

My Music!

I lost my music when my laptop went belly up. Well not quite, but my music's not as portable as it once was. I have a few CDs. I had ripped them all to my laptop. I didn't feel particularly compelled to back this up. After all, I own the CDs. I still have the music; it's just a pain to get it back onto my laptop again. So as I was sitting here ripping another CD, I became curious about the distribution. I'll share. The number of albums I have (box sets and multi-disc albums only count for one) with only one composer are:

  • 1 Albinoni

  • 3 Bach

  • 1 Beethoven

  • 1 Berlioz

  • 1 Bizet

  • 1 Brahms

  • 2 Corelli

  • 1 Debussy

  • 2 Dvořák

  • 26 Liszt

  • 1 Mozart

  • 1 Orff

  • 1 Rachmaninov

  • 1 Respighi

  • 4 C. Schumann

  • 1 R. Schumann

  • 1 Serebrier

  • 2 Shostakovich

  • 1 Sibelius

  • 8 Tchaikovsky

  • 1 Telemann

I have 5 other albums of classical music, and a few of popular music as well. So it'll be a while before it all comes back "online." This list certainly highlights the strengths and weaknesses of my collection (don't judge me for the Liszt!). If any of you are looking to buy me Christmas presents...