Wednesday, January 3, 2007

POS with Cachet

So there I am at work at 3:30 p.m. I have a headache, and it's loud, and there's not a whole lot that I need to be there to do. I decide to leave a bit early.

I get all but 2 miles from home when my car dies. I'm told that when the water pump goes, it usually does so gradually. Mine had to be Shakespearean about it. Very dramatic. No one saw it coming. By the time I get pulled off into a parking lot and get the hood open, there is fluid all over the place. It looks like something green and watery had exploded under the hood.

I wisely decide that I can do nothing. Even if I walk to a gas station and replace the antifreeze the car won't make it home. Such a catastrophic failure is not so easily alleviated.

I walk the rest of the way home, take some much needed Tylenol and await aid. My Dad soon comes to look at the car, and decides also that nothing can be done.

In the end, we get a strong chain, and drag the car back to its proper place. It's out of commission for a few days at least.