Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google+: Full Steam Ahead

Just two days after I posted I had been waiting for Google+ to leave its invite-only field test before I deleting my Facebook account... it happened. Google+ is no longer invite-only!

I assume the timing is just coincidence.

With the debut of Google+ to the public at large, they also released a host of new features which you should try out:

  • The mobile applications for Android and iOS were improved.
  • Hangouts (group video chats) are now supported on mobile devices. On Android, it requires Android 2.3. And on iOS, it requires a front-facing camera. So I haven't been able to use either, but I know a lot of people have devices that fit that bill.
  • A preview version of Hangouts "with Extras" which include screensharing, a sketchpad, and document collaboration. They only feature of the original not supported by the "extras" version is synchronized YouTube video. Google is really building some tools here that could be useful for business.
  • More APIs have been released. Start playing. Already there's a third-party whiteboard for Hangouts.
  • Search! Ironically, Google did not launch Google+ with built-in search but now that's fixed.