Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Everything is Relative

A Hulu commercial for IE9 shows a number of flattering quotes, including "IE9 is amazingly fast," from no less than the New York Times. That doesn't seem right.

A search suggests this quote came from a September 2010 blog article, "Microsoft's New Browser Is Pretty Cool. No, Seriously." The context of the quote is awesome (emphasis added):
First and foremost, IE9 is amazingly fast. Past versions of Internet Explorer always seemed bloated and slow, especially compared to Google‘s Chrome. But I’ve been using both for a week, and Microsoft’s browser keeps up with Chrome on my PC. (Full disclosure: Microsoft lent me an up-to-date laptop that shows off IE9 better than the bargain-priced netbook I usually work on.) 
 And this is what they chose for the commercial!