Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unlucky me

So the rest of the games didn't help me so much. UCLA won, but everyone and their mothers called that. Fortunately, GW won in overtime by 3 points. I had them over NC Wilmington. LSU won over Iona. They were down at the half, but they continually expanded their lead in the second half. Likewise, Gonzaga was down at the half, but came back to win it. Unsurprisingly, Illinois easily beat Air Force and Duke killed Southern. I got all these.

Now we get into the fun part. Texas A&M beat Syracuse. I'm not sure if I wanted them to win because they are from Texas or because they play decent basketball. Probably the former... It wasn't too close a game though, and it worked out. I said there would be two other upsets though. I said San Diego St. and Utah State would win. They both lost. This wasn't too surprising. Utah had no chance of winning either. They were always down by around 10 points in a relatively low scoring game. However, San Diego was playing well. They were leading by a point with only seconds left. Again, a late score did me in.

Only 10 of 16 games did I get correct. I'm ranked at about 2 millionth of those on ESPN. That is, I'm at about the 27th percentile. What's funny is that EC called 14 out of 16, and she's at about the 99th percentile! Guess how she filled out her bracket...

Go ahead, guess!

That's right. She flipped a coin!