Monday, March 6, 2006

Wise not to seek a secret and honest not to reveal one

I make an awesome pork chop. Paprika is the secret. I just season the pork with salt and paprika and then fry it in olive oil. It's quick, easy and cheap. From here to eternity, I imagine I'll always have tons of pork in the freezer. I just buy the really cheap cuts, less than $2 a pound. Then it's there when I need it. No thought. No effort.

My flatmates know my secret now. I've shared some pork chops with Q and N. They now each know exactly one use for paprika. Yesterday, Q tried to emulate my pork chops. He bought his own paprika from the store. (I don't know why he can't use mine. We keep all our spices together in a shared cabinet.) With that, he fried some boneless loin cuts and made a side of rice. (As it turns out, he overcooked the pork a bit. I think it's tempting to do that. It tasted alright though.) He really went gung ho!